Games of the Future

Kotaku's cover story for March 26, "What If The Next Generation Thinks Video Games are Stupid?" by Jade Raymond, brings up a couple issues such as:

  • lack of coverage of modern issues in games (the Occupy movement, Arab Spring, internet freedom)
  • lack of diversity in popular games (war this, war that, shoot 'em up, kill 'em dead)
  • lack of diversity in general (most protagonists are white, straight, and often men)
I'm tired of seeing war game after war game. I have no doubt that some people enjoy those. They wouldn't sell well if they weren't good. And sometimes I like shooting Nazis. But not always.

I would love to see a game about something like the Arab Spring. I certainly don't see it in a popular game in the near future, but if we can have an Assassin's Creed set in Revolutionary America, maybe we can have an Assassin's Creed (or something similar) during the modern protest movements.

If the people putting money into these games can convince businesses that we want diversity in content, I can see tons of intelligent, new games coming in. I want to hold out hope for these games, but I can't help being cynical when I look at what businesses want to see.

I certainly hope the next generation still likes video games, and I expect they will if we keep the medium imaginative.