Carly Smith is a freelance writer and editor of short stories, novels, journalism, and nonfiction.

The world of science fiction and fantasy is where I live. I love magic and speculative fiction, as well using those stories to critically look at our own world.

My work in games media—featured in places such as Polygon, Five out of Ten Magazine, Paste Magazine, and The Escapist—focuses on telling stories about the people in games and affected by games. I have written news, editorials, and reviews. I also run a Patreon campaign to support my fiction writing and journalism/essays about geek culture.

Beyond writing, I’ve edited English translations of graphic novels and light novels for Yen Press as an editorial assistant; I now do freelance editing for the company and for individual clients. If you are interested in my editing services, please email me with the following in the subject line: “Editing Services Query.”

A graduate of Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications, I studied journalism in its various forms online and in print, as well as through text and video.

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