And this is why I can't socialize in games.

Jenny Haniver is a woman who happens to enjoy playing Call of Duty. People often joke about 12-year-olds acting like they're "the shit" when they play COD, but seldom do people realize how often women have to deal with men making a big deal that a woman is playing a game with them.

So, she records it on her blog.

In this one post from yesterday, she recorded a COD session when a man called her a transsexual for having a deep voice. She ridiculed him (and it's quite fantastic), and it's admirable that she's able to take this so well.

But why should we women gamers have to put up with this crap? Men, you're not being cool by hating on or needlessly loving on a woman when she plays a game with you. We're not the ones making a big deal out of sexism in videogame culture. You're the ones who make a big deal out of our presence.